Julian Po

I wonder if this river
goes out to the sea.

Who knows?
Sarah. What are you doing here?
I followed you.
Why? You wanted to see me jump,
just like everybody else?

I'm not like everybody else.
I would have joined you.

I used to come out
to this bridge...

and I'd stay
all night sometimes...

just thinking about
all the things that scare me.

Everything scares me...
words, talking.
You say things,
and they come out wrong...

so you say more things,
and then you just get stuck...

then you got to get out.
He died when I was five.
All I remember
is his mustache...

and that he always used to
carry chewing gum with him...

and he'd give me a stick
and call me his little princess.

You miss him?
No, because he's
always with me.

The only thing is...
I can't touch him
until I go where he is.

I miss touching his mustache.
How did he die?
Like us.
Come on, Julian.
Does it fit?
Try it on. I made it for you.
Made it for me?
When? We just met.
I made that one last year.
Others I made before.