Julian Po

I figured, uh...
that was the least I could do.

- Good morning, Mr. Po.
- Morning.

- How you doing today?
- Fine.

Guess you didn't end it all
in the night, did you?

Uh, no.
Well, then since
you're still alive...

why don't you come and do
a little hunting with me?

And my wife Darlene...
she cooks the best damn rabbit
you ever tasted.

I don't know how.

Then we've got no time to lose.
Come on.

brings something out
in a man.

One of the deepest pleasures
a man can feel...

killing and sex.
You ever kill anything, Po?
Uh... bugs.
That perfect moment...
when an animal leaps
in the air...

all the muscles tense
in a last effort to live.

Then it falls, the life gone
before it hits the ground.

Moment of... ecstasy.
I killed a man once.
Nobody ever knew.
It was just like
shooting a rabbit...

except it was a man.
The worst...
greatest moment of my life.
It's what you're gonna do,
ain't it?

Only you're the hunter
and the rabbit.

I admire you.
Now, you don't think
killing's a sin, do you?

Sin? No. Uh...