Julian Po

sort of.
Because if there is,
then maybe I have one.

Maybe it involves Sarah.
She loves me...
but what if I'm not
who she thinks I am?

There's never been
a simple answer in my life...

Pick your day.
Pick your day, now.
Pick your day.

- Hi, Walter.
- Yes, sir.

So, what day
did you guys bet on?

Today. We always pick today.
You don't think about
the future much, do you?

We figure if we pick today
every day, we can't lose.

Would you go away, Walter?
No. I mean away.
This is away.
Mr. Po. Mr. Po,
can I talk to you a minute?

I'm Bobby.
Hey, appreciate
you taking the time here.

I'm real busy right now.
I hear things in my brain.
I don't have to think of them.

I hear them,
and I want to do them.

If I don't do something big,
I'm gonna to explode.

I'm gonna explode.
You came here to die.
That's all you can do here.

You don't want to live.
I want to live.