Private Parts

He was offensive.
He was obnoxious.
He was disgusting.
Do you want me to go on?
Once he wanted me
to approve a contest

where he would
give a new toilet

to the listener with
the largest bowel movement.

On the air.
I mean, you can imagine
the logistics of that.

Howard Stern: You know, when I
look back on this moment in my life,

I really wanted it to work.
I wanted this to be
the biggest moment

in the history of entertainment.
I'm not kidding.

I wanted everyone
to wake up the next morning

talking about me,
Howard Stern.

That's the kind
of thinking, though,

that usually
gets me into trouble.

John Stamos: I'm here to
introduce the next presenter.

Believe me, a lot of people
refused to introduce this guy,

but, uh...
Is this safe?
When you drop,
don't spin around

or the wires
get screwed up.

...Radio waves
high above America...

[Crowd Cheers]
It's a bird...
I'm making such a mistake.
It's a plane...
No, it's Fartman!
Behold, I am Fartman.