Savrseni krug

Where we going?
Follow me, don't be scared.
Careful. You'll soon see.
Watch it...Look!
Ever seen so much light?
How've they got so much electricity?
The French get all they want.
From where?
A generator.
That's the French.
Everything works!

Now what do we do?
-We watch.

Can we get closer?
Sure. All the way to the fence.
Really lights things up!
They got water too.

-There! Look how it runs.

So much water.
Look, Kerim, real water.
Running from a tap! Look!
Do Chetniks shoot at them?
Rarely. Some day
we'll live like that too.

Same as them?
-Sure. Look!

What will they have, by then?
God knows!
What did he ask?
If they're people like us.
Of course. But they're not Bosnians,
they're French.

Can't they give us what they've got?
If you give an arm,
we Bosnians want a leg!

They give to everyone,
not to individuals.

They bring in tons of goods.
If we asked
they'd give, but it's not the same.

And it's Xmas for them,
they're celebrating.