Savrseni krug

Rarely. Some day
we'll live like that too.

Same as them?
-Sure. Look!

What will they have, by then?
God knows!
What did he ask?
If they're people like us.
Of course. But they're not Bosnians,
they're French.

Can't they give us what they've got?
If you give an arm,
we Bosnians want a leg!

They give to everyone,
not to individuals.

They bring in tons of goods.
If we asked
they'd give, but it's not the same.

And it's Xmas for them,
they're celebrating.

Will we get things
when it's our Xmas?

Maybe. Anyway,
we celebrate every feast.

Kerim, can you hear
when you dream?

What did he say?
He dreamt that big packages
were parachuted in the yard.

But they rolled into the river.
He tried to catch them, but couldn't.
He lost a shoe in the water.
-Then what?

He dived in and almost drowned.
When he came up,
he heard the birds singing.

Then he can hear!
Only in his dreams.