Savrseni krug

Down where?

You care about that?
He says he knows, but doesn't.
He's bragging.
I'm no expert.
Or I wouldn't have become a poet.

But you know more than us.
What do you think?
He says it's like two lines...
with another in the middle.
And you?
It's a circle
with a thing on the sides.

Tell us what it's like.
Ask those girls!
They may show you.

You crazy today?
Watch out, Hamza!
What's all the fuss?
Let us enjoy this bombardment
like all the others!

Get up.
-No, I'm dreaming.

Who cares!
-You're choking me.

Fireworks again! Run!
Take that...Take it, dammit!
OK, Hamza!
Into the basement!
Don't put your boots on here,
do it below.

Take the dog, dammit!
It's getting there...
Can you fix it?
Yes. Go see your mom.
I'll be right there.

Get down.
-That was close.

It's hot.
-Put them on.

Ivana, don't let him
take his boots off.

You're deaf,
so you're not scared.