Scream 2

- Look, Cotton-
- Shut up.

So. Hi.
You're, uh,
not Debbie Salt, are you ?

You're not with
the Post Telegraph.

No, but I can still
help you, Cotton.

Ah-ah-ah !
You don't need her.
Let me kill her !

As long as she's alive,
you're never gonna be the lead story.

That's what you really want,
isn't it, Cotton ?

If you really wanna be
in the spotlight,

just let me kill her...
right now.

Then you're the only survivor.
You're the star !

She sent you to prison
for a year !

Personally, I think
it's rather poetic.

No. No, Cotton,
don't you listen to her.

Well- Well-
It's, uh, quite a predicament
you're in, Sid.

- Cotton-
- I mean, she makes a good point.

Let me think about this.
Maybe you should too.
Betcha that Diane Sawyer interview's
lookin' real good right about now.

Huh ?
Consider it done.
That... was intense.