Mom, would you tell him.
You helped me make it.

You helped her make it?!
We did sew the jewels on together.
How come nobody can talk to me
about this kind of stuff?

You can't wear this kind of stuff!
Is that clear?
The rest of you guys,
get the equipment in here.

Come on!
-We'll talk to him later.
-Forget it.

Let's go get some more shit.
So much for my bustier.
You still mad?
I'm just trying to do what's
best for you. Sorry for exploding.

But, you know...
:39:05're my little girl.
I know that.
That's just it.
I'm not a little girl anymore.

You know what I mean.
I didn't wear anything bad.
Really, no one thought it was bad.

It's just the fashion right now.
On stage, you know.
It's entertainment.
We don't want to be old-fashioned.
No, we don't want to be old-fashioned.
Don't you think I look just as good
in those outfits as Paula Abdul?

You look better. But....
But what?
Keep your jackets on, okay?
Just leave them unbuttoned and...
...let the...
Thanks, Daddy.