Tomorrow Never Dies

You are in Chinese
territorial waters.

Officer of the Watch, maximum speed.
Come left 40 degrees.

Aye, aye, sir.
Revolutions 1-6-0, port 20.

Are they insane?
The Chinese pilot insists that
we are only 11 miles off their coast...

and he will fire if we don't
turn around and go to a Chinese port.

Send this:
"We are in international waters...

and will defend ourselves
if attacked."

Copy all this
to the Admiralty, urgent.

Are we absolutely sure
of our position?

Yes, sir.
An exact satellite fix.

Carver Media Group Network - Hamburg
Captain, we are ready to launch.
Shut down the engines.
Maintain full silence.
A stealth ship may be invisible
to radar but the Sea drill isn't.

We'll launch next time
the MiGs fly by...

and the British will think
it's a Chinese aerial torpedo.

I should report in.
Stamper to Hamburg.
Phase one is in progress.

I'll report back to you
with an update.