Tomorrow Never Dies

Captain, we are ready to launch.
Shut down the engines.
Maintain full silence.
A stealth ship may be invisible
to radar but the Sea drill isn't.

We'll launch next time
the MiGs fly by...

and the British will think
it's a Chinese aerial torpedo.

I should report in.
Stamper to Hamburg.
Phase one is in progress.

I'll report back to you
with an update.

- The MiGs are making another pass.
- Let's start the show.

Sea drill in position.
Start the drill.
- Release it.
- Sea drill away.

Green 3-0,
torpedo, torpedo, torpedo.

Center bearing 1-1-4.
Officer of the Watch,
come hard right, 1-4-1.

There's been no sonar contact, sir.
The MiGs must have dropped it.

Bearing steady.
It's gonna hit, sir.

Brace, brace, brace.