Tomorrow Never Dies

Start the recovery operation.
Send our divers
down to the Devonshire.

Mr. Gupta?
Phase one is complete.

Good morning, my golden retrievers.
What kind of havoc shall the Carver
Media Group create in the world today?

- News.
- Floods in Pakistan, riots in Paris.

- And a plane crash in California.
- Excellent.

Mr. Jones, are we ready
to release our new software?

Yes, sir.
As requested, it's full of bugs...

which means people will be
forced to upgrade for years.

Mr. Wallace, call the president.
Tell him if he doesn't sign the bill
lowering the cable rates...

we'll release a video of him
with the cheerleader...

- in the Chicago motel room.
- Inspired, sir.

After he signs the bill,
release the tape anyway.

Consider him slimed.
Excuse me.
- He's on transponder seven.
- Mr. Stamper?

Phase two is underway.
I have the videotape.

I haven't seen it myself,
but I'm told the footage is excellent.