Tomorrow Never Dies

That's ridiculous.
That ship was in international waters.

- We can't be certain.
- James? Where are you?

Oh, Moneypenny.
I'm just up here at Oxford
brushing up on a little Danish.

I'm afraid you're going to have
to kiss off your lesson, James.

We've got a situation here
at the Ministry of Defense.

We're sending the fleet to China.
I'll be there in an hour.
Make that 30 minutes.
Good-bye, my sweet.
You always were
a cunning linguist, James.

- Don't ask.
- Don't tell.

That's preposterous. We know exactly
where that ship was positioned.

The G.P.S. System... Global
Positioning Satellites... do not lie.

Yes, but our Singapore station
picked up a mysterious signal...

on the G.P.S. Frequency
at the time of the attack.

It could've sent that ship
off course.

- I have a missing British frigate...
- I'm aware of that!

And instead of decisive action,
all you want to do is investigate.

My goal is to prevent World War Three,
Admiral, and I don't think...

sending an armada into the recovery
area is the best way to do it.

Where, exactly, did this mysterious
G.P.S. Signal come from?

- We're still investigating.
- "Investigating."

With all your respect M, sometimes I don't think
you have the balls for this job.

Perhaps, but the advantage is...
I don't have to think
with them all the time.

That's enough.
Now, where do we stand?

It was an unprovoked attack
on a ship in international waters.

We send in the fleet for recovery
and prepare for full retaliation.

We investigate...

and stop short of sending
the entire British Navy...

within ten minutes
of the world's largest air force.

- When will our ships be in position?
- Forty-eight hours.