Tomorrow Never Dies

There's no news like bad news.
I am pleased with your progress,
Mr. Bond.

I've always enjoyed studying
a new tongue, Professor.

One might say
you have a natural ability.

But practice makes perfect.
How do you say
"I'm not here" in Danish?

Just ignore it.
Those are words they just
don't have in their vocabulary.

- Bond here.
- Go to a secure line, 007.

Going to a scrambler,
channel four.

That's ridiculous.
That ship was in international waters.

- We can't be certain.
- James? Where are you?

Oh, Moneypenny.
I'm just up here at Oxford
brushing up on a little Danish.

I'm afraid you're going to have
to kiss off your lesson, James.

We've got a situation here
at the Ministry of Defense.

We're sending the fleet to China.
I'll be there in an hour.
Make that 30 minutes.
Good-bye, my sweet.
You always were
a cunning linguist, James.

- Don't ask.
- Don't tell.

That's preposterous. We know exactly
where that ship was positioned.