Tomorrow Never Dies

Plus, there were 17 survivors
for your headlines.

Good work, Stamper.
- Thank you.
- Don't mention it.

Make sure you keep it
in a safe place.

Gentlemen and ladies...
hold the presses.
This just in.
By a curious quirk of fate,
we have the perfect story...

with which to launch our
Satellite News Network tonight.

It seems a small crisis is brewing
in the South China Sea.

I want full newspaper coverage.
I want magazine stories.

I want books. I want films.
I want TV. I want radio.

I want us on the air
24 hours a day.

This is our moment!
And a billion people
around this planet...

will watch it, hear it...
and read about it
from the Carver Media Group.

There's no news like bad news.
I am pleased with your progress,
Mr. Bond.

I've always enjoyed studying
a new tongue, Professor.

One might say
you have a natural ability.

But practice makes perfect.
How do you say
"I'm not here" in Danish?

Just ignore it.
Those are words they just
don't have in their vocabulary.

- Bond here.
- Go to a secure line, 007.

Going to a scrambler,
channel four.