Tomorrow Never Dies

I think we understand each other.
Grow up, 007.
Attention. Engine running.
Please shut door now.

Don't let her push you around.
Anyway, there's absolutely no truth
in this malicious rumor...

that I started running
Mad Cow Disease stories...

simply because Sir Angus Black,
the great British beef baron...

Lost 10,000 pounds to me in a game
of poker and refused to pay up.

Moreover, there's even
less truth in the rumor...

that I took 100 million francs
from the French...

to keep the stories running
for another year.

- Excuse me, Mr. Carver.
- Yes.

This is the new banker, Mr.
Bond. James Bond.
Another new banker.
I seem to collect them.

Tell me, Mr. Bond.
How's the market reacting
to the crisis?

Well, currencies are off.
Your stock is soaring.

I don't believe we have met.
- Elliot Carver.
- Wai Lin.

I'm from the New China News Agency.
I don't recall seeing your name
on the guest list.

I have a confession.
It's not. I snuck in.