Tomorrow Never Dies

Anyway, there's absolutely no truth
in this malicious rumor...

that I started running
Mad Cow Disease stories...

simply because Sir Angus Black,
the great British beef baron...

Lost 10,000 pounds to me in a game
of poker and refused to pay up.

Moreover, there's even
less truth in the rumor...

that I took 100 million francs
from the French...

to keep the stories running
for another year.

- Excuse me, Mr. Carver.
- Yes.

This is the new banker, Mr.
Bond. James Bond.
Another new banker.
I seem to collect them.

Tell me, Mr. Bond.
How's the market reacting
to the crisis?

Well, currencies are off.
Your stock is soaring.

I don't believe we have met.
- Elliot Carver.
- Wai Lin.

I'm from the New China News Agency.
I don't recall seeing your name
on the guest list.

I have a confession.
It's not. I snuck in.
Why would you do that, my dear?
I wanted to meet you.
I admire a woman
who takes the initiative.

- You should work in my Beijing bureau.
- Mr. Carver.

- You don't have a bureau in Beijing.
- Call me Elliot.

I always wondered how I'd feel
if I ever saw you again.

Now I know.
Was it something I said?
How about the words,
"I'll be right back?"

- Something came up.
- Something always came up.

- And how are you, Paris?
- Much better now. We're even.