Tomorrow Never Dies

And in breaking news...
it is with great sadness that we
announce the death of Paris Carver...

who has become an international figure
since she became the wife...

of Elliot Carver,
chairman of this network.

According to police officials
in Hamburg, Germany...

Mrs. Carver was found dead
this morning...

in a hotel suite in that city
in unusual circumstances...

on which police
have refused to elaborate.

A coroner has been called for
and is expected to deliver...

his full report within
the next three days.

Her body was discovered along with
the body of an unidentified man...

who appeared to be the victim
of a self-inflicted gun wound.

Reached aboard his private jet
en route...

I have a clear shot at your head,
Mr. Bond.

Stand up, slowly.
Drop your gun and
kick it toward me, ja?

At present, police
have refused to speculate...

on a motive in this

Good. Now...
lie down on the bed
next to Mrs. Carver.

We extend our deepest sympathies
to Mr. Carver.

This story will be
on the news in an hour.

- Tomorrow's news today.
- Just so.

My name is Dr. Kaufman.
I am an outstanding
pistol marksman.

Take my word for it, ja?
Get the sledgehammers.
She struggled terribly,
Mr. Bond.

It's a pity you got her
involved in all this.