Tomorrow Never Dies

Good. Now...
lie down on the bed
next to Mrs. Carver.

We extend our deepest sympathies
to Mr. Carver.

This story will be
on the news in an hour.

- Tomorrow's news today.
- Just so.

My name is Dr. Kaufman.
I am an outstanding
pistol marksman.

Take my word for it, ja?
Get the sledgehammers.
She struggled terribly,
Mr. Bond.

It's a pity you got her
involved in all this.

It won't look like a suicide
if you shoot me from over there.

I am a professor
of forensic medicine.

Believe me, Mr. Bond,
I could shoot you from Stuttgart...

and still create the proper effect.
My art is in great demand,
Mr. Bond.

I go all over the world.
I am especially good
at the celebrity overdose.

But now, I'm afraid, Mr. Bond,
that our little...

Stop yelling in my ear, ja?

Sir, they can't get into the car.
You can't be serious.
- Did you call the Auto Club?
- Do you want to call them?

Make him tell you how to open it.
Okay, I ask.
This is very embarrassing.
It seems there is
a red box in your car.

They can't get to it.