Tomorrow Never Dies

Wade, what the hell are you doing here?
Jimbo You know the world's my office.
Let's go this way.

Did Q bring you up to speed in everything?
Yeah. I brought along
the G.P.S. Calibration unit.

ohh By the way, you know officially Uncle Sam is
completely neutral in this turkey shoot.

And unofficially?
We have no interest in seeing
World War Three, unless we start it.

Dr. Greenwalt.
He's the Air Force G.P.S. Expert.

Sorry about all this security...
but the G.P.S. Encoder is one of
the most closely guarded secrets...

in the U.S. Military.
Show him what you got.
Jesus, it's the missing encoder.
How the hell did you get that?

Picked it up in Hamburg
yesterday morning.
Tell me something..

Could somebody use this
to send a ship off course?

-You mean like the Devonshire?
- Whoa!

I didn't you hear anybody mention
the word Devonshire. Did you?

- No.
- Good. So just answer the man question.

Well ehh in theory, if you could alter
the timing chip...

you could slowly
send a ship off course.

- Kind like putting a magnet beside a compass.
- Yeah, exactly.

- Then check this out.
- Oh, yeah.

Those two circles should be
lining up on top of each other.

Somebody's tampered
with your encoder.

If we knew the last time and position
the Devonshire thought she was...

could you figure out
exactly where she sank?

I have a small favor to ask.
The high-altitude,
low opening jump... the HALO jump...

is where we get the most fatalities,
so listen up.

You free-fall for 5 miles and use your
oxygen, or you'll die of asphyxiation.

Sounds like my first marriage.
Next after the free-fall...
pop the chute at 200 feet,
below the Chinese radar.