Tomorrow Never Dies

- Then check this out.
- Oh, yeah.

Those two circles should be
lining up on top of each other.

Somebody's tampered
with your encoder.

If we knew the last time and position
the Devonshire thought she was...

could you figure out
exactly where she sank?

I have a small favor to ask.
The high-altitude,
low opening jump... the HALO jump...

is where we get the most fatalities,
so listen up.

You free-fall for 5 miles and use your
oxygen, or you'll die of asphyxiation.

Sounds like my first marriage.
Next after the free-fall...
pop the chute at 200 feet,
below the Chinese radar.

You'll be traveling
at over 200 miles an hour.

This snaps your head back
like a cantaloupe.

Be careful not to crack your skull open
on the tanks.

I'll keep that in mind.
One last thing: When you hit the water
don't forget to cut away your chute.

90% of people killed in the HALO jump
got tangled in their chutes and drowned.

Got it?
Seems like a lot
just to save the world.

I've got no choice Wade.
I have to prove that ship
was deliberately set off course.

One minute!
- Is the pickup set?
-Ohh you bet.

After your mission, turn on your beacon.
The extraction team will pick you up after dark.

Buddha bless!
- I ahh I just noticed something.
- Yeah?

-Ahh this is where the ship
thought it was.

And this is where it really is.
But see that island there?

- Yeah.
- Ohh that means where he's actually jumping...

between the British
and Chinese fleets...

-Will technically they're not
in Chinese territorial waters.

-They belong to Vietnam.

Does he have any
U.S. Government markings on him?