Tomorrow Never Dies

Hello, Elliot.
Interesting plan.
But I think I have something here that
belong to you.

So much for German efficiency.
Mr. Stamper.

- Don't shoot him yet.
- Hold your fire.

Welcome to my world crisis,
Mr. Bond.

Even trade, Elliot.
Gupta for Wai Lin.
You can't fire the missile
without him.

And it seems you can't resist
any woman in my possession.

What are you waiting for?
Shoot him!

I told you we're going to
finish this together.

Oh, how romantic.
Do you realize
how absurd your position is?

No more absurd than
starting a war for ratings.

Great men have always manipulated
the media to save the world.

Look at William Randolph Hearst,
who told his photographers...

"You provide the pictures,
I'll provide the war."

I've just taken it
one step further.

Sorry about that.
I tuned out there
for a moment, Elliot.

Mr. Gupta...
is the missile ready to fire?
Press the magic button,
Beijing disappears.

Then it seems
you've outlived your contract.

You see, Mr. Bond,
I have a backup plan.

Uh-huh. So do I.