Tomorrow Never Dies

"You provide the pictures,
I'll provide the war."

I've just taken it
one step further.

Sorry about that.
I tuned out there
for a moment, Elliot.

Mr. Gupta...
is the missile ready to fire?
Press the magic button,
Beijing disappears.

Then it seems
you've outlived your contract.

You see, Mr. Bond,
I have a backup plan.

Uh-huh. So do I.
He's breached the hull.
They'll see us on radar.

Sir, we have a small,
intermittent contact on the surface.

Plot the bearing 1-1-2 degrees.
It's a very weak signal can’t get the range exactly,
but I'd swear
it wasn't there a second ago, sir.

Yeoman, tell all ships not to fire on
the Chinese for any reason whatsoever.

Send the message in the clear
to the Chinese fleet commander:

"Have sighted unknown ship..."
Get those fires out!
Get down there
and protect the missile.

Oh, and Mr. Stamper,
would you please kill those bastards?

Nice work.
They're speeding up.
- We have to stop the boat.
- Can you take care of the engine room?

- Of course.
- Good. Do it and get off the ship.