Tomorrow Never Dies

He's breached the hull.
They'll see us on radar.

Sir, we have a small,
intermittent contact on the surface.

Plot the bearing 1-1-2 degrees.
It's a very weak signal can’t get the range exactly,
but I'd swear
it wasn't there a second ago, sir.

Yeoman, tell all ships not to fire on
the Chinese for any reason whatsoever.

Send the message in the clear
to the Chinese fleet commander:

"Have sighted unknown ship..."
Get those fires out!
Get down there
and protect the missile.

Oh, and Mr. Stamper,
would you please kill those bastards?

Nice work.
They're speeding up.
- We have to stop the boat.
- Can you take care of the engine room?

- Of course.
- Good. Do it and get off the ship.

I'm going to stop the missile.
Signal from
the Chinese fleet commander.

"To Royal Navy Task Group:
We also have the unknown ship
on our screens.

We will not fire
unless it turns toward China.

Until then, she's yours good hunting."
Now, Captain, whatever
the hell that thing is, sink it.

Right, sir.PWO Is that echo
too weak for missile lock?

- Yes, sir.
- Right.

We'll do it
the old-fashioned way.

Bond turned us
into the target.

Along with himself.
Take evasive action.
Prepare the missile countdown

Initializing launch sequence.
"T" minus five minutes and counting.