U Turn

- How much?
- 150.

- To replace a radiator hose?
- A hose in a 1964 Mustang.

lt's a Ford, not a Ferrari!
lt's not just a Ford.
lt's a 1964 Mustang.

- What's that got to do with it?
- l don't know.

But it's the reason l'm living here,
and you're just passing through.

You owe me $150.
l just got rolled.
Get out your American Express
gold card and call the guy on TV ...

- l don't have a credit card.
- Then you'll have to work this off.

l've got a Movado. lt's worth
$7,800. You could sell it for that.

- l can't see no numbers.
- That's why it's expensive!

Look at the gold.
No day, no dates. Far as l can tell,
this ain't worth a duck's fart.

l got this for $3.75. lt's got lots
of doodads. l'll stick with that.

You son of a bitch!
- My lawyer will shut you down.
- No credit cards, but a lawyer?

Sweet talk me all you want to,
but didn't you read this sign?

- What sign? l want my car.
- l want my $150.

- What's the line on Dallas?
- You deadbeat Lose my number!

- Mike, you ...
- Mike who?