U Turn

- Couldn't you send it ...
- No! Listen to me, you punk!

l don't care if you got hit by a
truck and run over by a steamroller.

You owe me $13,000
and l want it on my desk tomorrow!

Orl'll showyou whatbad luck is!
- You understand?
- Fuck you too!

- What did you say?
- No. l'm sorry.

- There's just been so much stress.
- You've owed me for four weeks.

Nowyou wantanother week.
That's fiive weeks.

That's also five fingers,
because it's a finger a week!

Come tomorrowand be nice.
And maybe l don't take
the otherthree fiingers ...

Get your ass down to Superior.
This deadbeat won't see tomorrow.

You get three heads in a row,
odds are the next one will be tails.

Shut up and drink your coffee,
and stop flipping that damn quarter.

- Can l get you something?
- A beer. A Beck's.