U Turn

Get your ass down to Superior.
This deadbeat won't see tomorrow.

You get three heads in a row,
odds are the next one will be tails.

Shut up and drink your coffee,
and stop flipping that damn quarter.

- Can l get you something?
- A beer. A Beck's.

- Ain't got Beck's. A-1, Coor's?
- Heineken?

- No. We've got Miller.
- Boyd thinks the odds are 50-50.

- ''Genuine Draft''?
- No, just regular plain old Miller.

You can fucking take it or leave it.
l'll fucking take it.
- Flo. A cheeseburger bleeding.
- l'll be right back with that beer.

And a waitress named Flo ...

- He doesn't know statistics.
- What are you? A rocket scientist?

Fucking cat.
Got a quarter for the juke?
l want to play a song.
Got a quarter?

- What happened to your hand?
- l cut myself shaving.

- Yes, l've got to be more careful.
- Any requests?