U Turn

- All country shit sounds the same.
- How about l pick one out for you?

Don't you just love Patsy Cline? Why
doesn't she put out more records?

- Because she's dead.
- That's sad.

- Don't that make you sad?
- l've had time to get over it.

You ain't from around here, right?
Where are you from?

- Oz.
- No, you ain't from Oz!

- Oz is from that movie.
- You are too quick for me.

No! l'm seeing,
but l'm not believing.

What are you doing with my girl?
l asked you a question.
- Toby, we were just talking.
- Shut up. Get back to our table.

Don't make me ask you again.
What are you doing with my girl?

- l wasn't doing anything.
- That's not how it looked to me.

- You tried to make time with her.
- ls everyone in this town on drugs?

- l just asked him for a quarter.
- Shut your mouth.

We've got business to take care of.
And l ain't never taken no drugs.

Maybe you should. l wasn't
trying to make time with your girl.

l'm calling you out.
You want to fight over her?
You don't know who l am.
The name's Toby N. Tucker.

People call me TNT.
- You know why?
- They're not very imaginative?