U Turn

l asked you a question.
- Toby, we were just talking.
- Shut up. Get back to our table.

Don't make me ask you again.
What are you doing with my girl?

- l wasn't doing anything.
- That's not how it looked to me.

- You tried to make time with her.
- ls everyone in this town on drugs?

- l just asked him for a quarter.
- Shut your mouth.

We've got business to take care of.
And l ain't never taken no drugs.

Maybe you should. l wasn't
trying to make time with your girl.

l'm calling you out.
You want to fight over her?
You don't know who l am.
The name's Toby N. Tucker.

People call me TNT.
- You know why?
- They're not very imaginative?

Because l'm just like dynamite.
When l go off, somebody gets hurt!

l tried to make time with your girl.

Now l'm terrified, and l've learned
my lesson, and you can go away.

- Jesus Christ.
- Stand up.

- Or l'll beat you where you sit?
- Finish your pop and leave him.

Don't you never mind, Flo.
This will be over real quick.

One Touch Toby.
Come on, pussy.

You're real lucky this time.
But l'm going to see this through.

l think l'll make you walk home.
- What was that all about?
- Toby thinks everyone wants Jenny.

lt's Jenny who wants every man
she sees.