U Turn

We're not talking about buying
a car, but about killing your wife.

lt's 13,000 or it's nothing.
You drive a hard bargain.
But l had a feeling you were my boy
when l first met you.

lt looks like
we've got ourselves a contract.

Do we shake hands?
lf you can't trust the man
you've hired to kill your wife ...

lt's got to look like an accident.
lf it don't, it's no good.
l'll be a penniless murder suspect
while you're living it up somewhere.

How do you want it?
- lt can't be done at the house.
- l want some money up front.

Why don't l buy you a plane ticket
while l'm at it? l know you.

Listen ...
You go to the house to see her.
Tell heryou had to see her.

Yousweet-talk the woman. A young
buck like you mustbe good at that

Then shift the conversation.
Talk about the Jeep. She loves that

Maybe the only thing she does love.
She'll take you fora ride out
in the desert someplace quiet

Riding through the red rocks
and mesas. She loves it out there.

So do l. We've got that in common.
There won'tbe anyone around
butyou andsome prairie dogs.