U Turn

Earth ran red with blood. l've seen
peculiar things on a hot day.

Saw a scorpion sting itself
to death. A killer killing itself.

l've seen a coyote tear its own
leg off before it bled to death.

A white man will get himself killed
just rubbing shoulders with another.

Kissy, kissy. Nice little pussy
there, you see it coming.

That will be the death of him.
You sure see a lot for a blind man.
l'm blind, but l can still see.
We're all eyes in the same head.

Everything is everything.
- What?
- Everything is nothing too.

Maybe one day l'll have time
to sit on a corner and spout wise.

Think you'll live that long,

Everybody's got a mother.
You don't rip up the mother.

lt's like popcorn. The more
you eat, the more you want.

- l've got things to do.
- You don't see me stopping you.

Ain't you got anything for the sick?
Sorry. l'll catch you next time.
You tell your lies pretty good.
- Hi.
- Patsy Cline.

- l just wanted to thank you.
- For what?

- For defending my honour.
- l wasn't defending your honour.

- You were going to fight for me.
- l was gonna pound your boyfriend.

He ain't my boyfriend. l let him
take me out, but l ain't spoken for.