U Turn

Everybody's got a mother.
You don't rip up the mother.

lt's like popcorn. The more
you eat, the more you want.

- l've got things to do.
- You don't see me stopping you.

Ain't you got anything for the sick?
Sorry. l'll catch you next time.
You tell your lies pretty good.
- Hi.
- Patsy Cline.

- l just wanted to thank you.
- For what?

- For defending my honour.
- l wasn't defending your honour.

- You were going to fight for me.
- l was gonna pound your boyfriend.

He ain't my boyfriend. l let him
take me out, but l ain't spoken for.

- Not yet, that is.
- l ain't going for you.

Marry Toby. You won't
do any better in this town.

That's what l thought till you came.
l saw your car at the gas station.

That's a cool car.
Do you want to take me for a ride?

No, l don't. l just want ...
You wouldn't have $150 ...
- Shit.
- l told you it wasn't over.

- You're at it again with my girl!
- No, l'm not. Tell him.

You're too late.
We're riding off in his car.

- What?
- What's your name?

That tears it. l'm going
to bust you up for good.

l'll break you in a million pieces
and break them into a million more!

You don't know me.
l'm psycho-crazy!