Wag the Dog

-She's not pale enough.
-Jump out.

They're starting to shoot now...
and they're gonna
do the kitten thing optically.

That's right, Mr. President.
l don't know how
they do the kitten optically...

but they know
what they're doing.

She's not an illegal immigrant,
is she?

Could l see the contract?
Why is it so flat?
Because the president cannot
employ an illegal immigrant.

-Let's use more spray.
-Cover up.

Let's keep working!
Are we getting there?
Put the village behind her.

Gimme some flames.
How about some screaming?
Screaming's good.
Some sound of screaming.
What might be good
is ooh-ahh sirens.

You know. Anne Frank.
That's good.
Find us the Anne Frank sirens.
That's chilling. That's good.
That's giving me goose bumps.
Find us the ooh-ahhs.
We're gonna be back
in Washington when?

We'll be back tonight.
Tonight is...
lt seems that Senator Neal
has discovered something.

lt makes no difference
about Senator Neal.

l don't care what he's got.
We got a war.

Look at that girl.
Doesn't she look Albanian?
She looks like she was
born and raised in Albania.

l got an instinct for casting.
Don't ask me why.

We're gonna do it again,

-What's her name, Stacey?

One more time.
You're doing fine.

Could she be running
across a bridge?