Black Cat Run

No! oh, God.
We got him! We did.
We got him.
Just get in the car, woman!
Come on!
Holy shit. Ben, Ben...
Oh, Ben. Oh, mother of God.
Oh, Goddamn, Ben. Ben.
Ben. Ben.
Sam. Sam, Sam. Sam,
ya out there?
Come on back.
Sam. God damn it.
Can you read me? Can you read me?
Sam. Come on back.
Ugh. Yo, Norm. Your food's gonna congeal.
What's the hold up?
The sheriff's dead.
Say, say, again, say what?
I'm out here on the highway east of town.
The sheriff's dead! He's been shot!
Ah, shit, Sam, you gotta get out here.
And uh, Johnny Del Grissom's
pickup truck's out here.

Look like the sheriff took
it with a shotgun.

He's in the middle of the street!
Get out here, goddamnit!
I'm on, I'm , I'm on my way.
Teddy, you been hearin' this?
Uh, affirmative, Sam. Holy Jesus.
Call the State Police and
get your ass out here.

Tell 'em we got a crisis.
Tell 'em, tell 'em the sheriff's dead.