Black Cat Run

Come on, Norm, what'd ya do
with the fuckin' keys? Holy shit.

Ah, fuck me, man.
God. Goddamn, Man!
I'm fucked up.
Uh, I'm fucked up...

Ten, just stitch it. Ugh.
Shut up!
Can anyone please make
them shut the fuck up?

He's driving me fucking crazy!
This here's Deputy Ernest Briggs,
the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department.
Any deputies from Haddonton copy?
Ernie, this is Sam Arno, come on.
Yeah, Sam, Pete and I heard
some of your cross-chatter.

We're headin' up in your direction
in case you need some extra help.

Door's wide open, friend.
Miss Polson, there's been a
terrible accident up the road.

Could you drive me to my
father's gas station...

:37:14 I could use the telephone?
Why of course, child. Get in.
Thank you.
Norm! You okay?
Ugh. Damn, I already had him.
Teddy, check on the sheriff.
Is he dead?

Oh, he's dead all right.
Ogh. I had him, Sam. Goddamnit.
Had who?
Johnny Del grissom,
the guy that did this.

I had him.
You lay down some flares...
... and wait for the paramedics.
All right.