Black Cat Run

Stop! Stop the car.
Don't tell me to stop, goddamnit!
Oh, my god. My god.
Oh, hell!
He's getting' away, damnit!
There's a dead body lying here
in the middle of the road,

for God's sake.
We just can't leave him here.
Damnit. All right,
Iet's get him in the trunk.
Where's it at, huh?
What'd ya do with it?

Your mind!
Evidently you lost that
son-of-a-bitch somewhere!

We're officers of the law.
We can't just pass across New Mexico with a
body bangin' around in the damn car trunk!

All right, fine.
Fuck you and fuck him.
You stay here with him.
I've got a criminal to catch.
Norm, don't you drive away from me.
There's a criminal getting away!
Norm, don't you do it!
I'm in a hot pursuit, Sam.
No, it's not empty! Damn! Damn!
Be a good girl.
Fill'er up?
This guy had plenty of credit cards.
And we're okay 'cause we're
on C-fifteen.

And that's the cutoff we needed.
Question, D.J.
Shouldn't we get our asses into Mexico?
I mean...
...why do we have to stop in Delano?

Because I got unfinished business in Delano.
So mind your own fucking business.
We'll go to Mexico when I say so.
Can we get out of the car?
No. Why?
Why do you wanna get out of the car?
I have to pee.