Dark City

It means these are all lies!
My husband told me
he'd been here.

He told me he wanted
to test himself.

See if he was...
capable of...
I wanted to talk to her.
I thought she could
help me find him.

I'm going to call the station.
It's beautiful.
It was a gift from my mother.
She died recently.
I keep it with me
to remind me of her.

I'm sorry.
It's a funny thing, though.
I can't remember
when she gave it to me.

How do you think I could
forget a thing like that?

What's happening, lnspector?
I'm not sure I know anymore.
I left your old room
like it was.

You can sleep here tonight.
Glad to have you back, Johnny.
-Even if it is for just a night.

-Is that the right time?
-Why, sure.

That clock's kept perfect time
since I bought it.

A.M. or P.M.?
-What do you think?
-I don't understand.

How can it be night already?
What happened to the day?

You're tired.
Anything's possible.

Get some sleep.
We'll straighten all this out