El Abuelo

Maybe that's why...
some pupils
have laughed at me...

and hung paper dolls on my back.
in other times...
I was a man of studies...
and I accumulated knowledge.
misfortunes have unsettled
my mind...

and now...
Now I'm a disaster, sir.
You've got all my respect.
The man who doesn't fool himself
when speaking of himself...

is a wise man,
and as he is wise...

he is also humble.
Your lordship honors me
too much.

I reckon, Don Rodrigo...
that the honor
of having you in Jerusa...

is due to your desire to be
with your granddaughters.

And I'm not surprised.
Those two little girls...
can reach into your heart.
Yes, they are two
really enchanting children.

They're healthy in body...
and, one supposes,
in spirit too.

And they're so alike, so similar...
and I don't mean in height!
Similar, alike, you say?
It may be because
I don't see well...

but I find that
they look very alike...

and the tone of their voices
is also identical.