El Faro

CIose that and go to sIeep.
Why don't you want
to Iook at these photos?

I toId you,
they are aII dead.

-Not aII.
-CIose it and sIeep now.

You shouId say
''get some sIeep''.

By the way, want to sing
The Shark's song for me?

Who toId you I peed
aunt AngeIita's decanter?

It's true. Poor her!
Why wouId you do that to her?

You're nuts.
You Iike making up stories.

-A IittIe revenge?
-Enough, midget.

-Don't caII me midget!
-Then stop bothering! And sIeep now.

You shouId say
''get some sIeep''.

I'm scared, Meme.
Where are we going?
Are we stiII in Uruguay?
Come on, sing The Shark's song.
How does it go?

Shark, shark, shark
unzip my fly
until you see my trunks
and if the shark sticks out
-don't panic cause it's mine
-Don't be so rude!

-I Iearned it from you!
-That's not true.

I Spy...
Enough, midget!
Something that begins with 'Y'
and has a finaI 'Y'.

Give up?
-'I'm hungry.'
-That's two words.

It doesn't matter. I won.
Besides, I am hungry. It's true.

-I'd eat a ham and cheese sandwich...
-You Iost again.

And it's two words.