El Faro

Are we stiII in Uruguay?
Come on, sing The Shark's song.
How does it go?

Shark, shark, shark
unzip my fly
until you see my trunks
and if the shark sticks out
-don't panic cause it's mine
-Don't be so rude!

-I Iearned it from you!
-That's not true.

I Spy...
Enough, midget!
Something that begins with 'Y'
and has a finaI 'Y'.

Give up?
-'I'm hungry.'
-That's two words.

It doesn't matter. I won.
Besides, I am hungry. It's true.

-I'd eat a ham and cheese sandwich...
-You Iost again.

And it's two words.
I spy...
-I spy!

Got it now? !Fuck!
Oh, I'm sorry, Shorty.
Forgive me, pIease...

Three times one, three: three times
two, six: three times three, nine...

three times four, tweIve: three times
five, fifteen: three times six...

Enough! Who wiII ask me how much
is that when I am oIder!

You wiII need to know that
without being asked, you ignorant!

Don't study if you don't want to,
but come back to the room. Aneta!