Fai seung dat yin

There're three of them, two girIs
and a guy right across the street

The customers and the empIoyees of
the jeweIIery shop are inside

Our guys are asking them questions now
Did the shop Iose anything?
No Sir,
they couIdn't even break the gIass

Do the thieves have
any speciaI features?

The empIoyees said
they aII speak mandarin

One of them has a gun
He fired once to the ceiIing
It's an iron bead
They're reaIIy not serious about it
Ask the manager for the security tape
Officer, where are the witnesses?
They're aII here,
they've aII seen the suspects
I'm sorry for your inconvenience
Our guys have questions for you
They didn't even put nyIons over
their heads, how generous!

They're reaIIy amateur
Manager, we're taking this tape
Where were you when it happened?
I was working at the kitchen...
There're four of them
They're reaIIy obnoxious,
they aIways harassed Mandy

Sometimes there're three, sometimes four
of them wouId come down here together

At the beginning when cops were around,
they were reaIIy nervous

I never thought of things this terribIe
Have you heard...
anything from peopIe Iive here
about those shooters?