Fai seung dat yin

I'm sorry for your inconvenience
Our guys have questions for you
They didn't even put nyIons over
their heads, how generous!

They're reaIIy amateur
Manager, we're taking this tape
Where were you when it happened?
I was working at the kitchen...
There're four of them
They're reaIIy obnoxious,
they aIways harassed Mandy

Sometimes there're three, sometimes four
of them wouId come down here together

At the beginning when cops were around,
they were reaIIy nervous

I never thought of things this terribIe
Have you heard...
anything from peopIe Iive here
about those shooters?

Sure, the peopIe from
the convenient store over there said

they've been going into their shop
very Iate at night recentIy

And more,
that fat guy from the news stand said

they aIways come down here to buy pornos
Yes, I've seen them
every singIe day this week

Sir, they recognize those fugitive
Take them to the station to do sketches
I have aIready
Where's Sam? On his way here
CaII him again Yes, Sir
Hey, buddy, what's the situation?
We've been searchingthe buiIding,
no one answered the door
when we knocked on this one

someone suddenIy opened fire

Then this is how it turns out
We knocked down the door and
we saw two naked women tied on the fIoor