Once upon a time,
once upon a time.

lt was a fairy tale.
lt was.
lt was a fairy tale come true.

l had two boys, you know,
but boys you lose.

They go away, they marry other women.
They're gone.

A girl you have forever.
When Gia was born,
l said, ''This one is mine.

- Look at you.
- All mine.''

Look at me.
Look at us.
Look how pretty we are.
Do l be-- Do l be
the prettiest, prettiest girl?

You do.
You do be the prettiest. You do.

- Where the hell have you been?
- Out.

- Out? Out? Out where?
- Out.

Oh, Joe, don't start.
Don't tell me, ''Don't start.''
Out where? Tell me where you've been.

- Joe, lower your voice.
- Don't tell me to lower my voice.

- The kids know you were out all night.
- Cut it out!

- Tell them where you've been.
- l'm not in the mood for this tonight.

Not in the mood, huh?
- Just leave me alone.
- Who were you with Kathleen?

- lt's none of your business.
- Don't tell me that, you fucking whore.

- Get out of the kitchen.
- Let me see. Did he fuck you?

- Where? Let me feel!
- Pig! Get your hands off!

- Who else has been in there besides me?
- Get your hands off of me, jerk.

- Who else, huh?
- You know how you make me feel?

- You make me wanna die. You know that?
- You wanna die? No!

You don't die until l tell you
you can die. Do you hear me?

That's when you die!