- Where the hell have you been?
- Out.

- Out? Out? Out where?
- Out.

Oh, Joe, don't start.
Don't tell me, ''Don't start.''
Out where? Tell me where you've been.

- Joe, lower your voice.
- Don't tell me to lower my voice.

- The kids know you were out all night.
- Cut it out!

- Tell them where you've been.
- l'm not in the mood for this tonight.

Not in the mood, huh?
- Just leave me alone.
- Who were you with Kathleen?

- lt's none of your business.
- Don't tell me that, you fucking whore.

- Get out of the kitchen.
- Let me see. Did he fuck you?

- Where? Let me feel!
- Pig! Get your hands off!

- Who else has been in there besides me?
- Get your hands off of me, jerk.

- Who else, huh?
- You know how you make me feel?

- You make me wanna die. You know that?
- You wanna die? No!

You don't die until l tell you
you can die. Do you hear me?

That's when you die!
Here, take this and put it in the car.
l'll keep this one.

Once upon a time...
in a kingdom far, far away...
there lived a young girl...
whose hair was made of gold.
When the people
in the village saw her, they said...

''Oh, how beautiful she is.''
One cheese steak, one meat ball,
one salami provolone.

l'll be back by 4:00.
Try not to burn the place down.

- Gia, you're in charge.
- All right, boss.

Hey, get the food.
Go, come on, get outta here.

- Get the cash register.
- l'm in charge!