Holy Man

Ricky, these eye massagers,
what do ya think, huh?

What is that, the white mask of Zorro?
You're spookin' me out.

- Ricky. Ricky. Great.
- Hey, Al!

- How've you been?
- Good, good, good.

- Look, I wanted to show you these mats.
- I've seen those. No, thank you.

- These are different. They're doormats.
- I've seen them.

- They're made to look like grass. Got it. Don't want it. Thank you.
- Okay.

Tim George has offered me
a good price over at QVC.

Okay, lemme see, lemme see.
What's the gimmick? Give me the thing.

- It works for all four seasons.
- Yeah?

This one is summer.

- Spring.
- Look like kids did this.

- Winter. Huh?
- Oh, look at that.

We call it the Four Seasons Pad.
It's educational.

- Educational? That's not gonna get me to buy them.
- Tim George wants 100,000.

That gets me to buy 'em. Okay, come up
with a name other than the Four Seasons Pad.

That sounds like a sanitary napkin,
or I don't know what.

And call me later,
and we'll work out the details.

- Can we work out the deal now, in case later you're in, um...
- Hey, Ricky.

- I know McBainbridge starts today.
- What, it's like I'm getting fired?

- No, no! I did not...
- I'll give you a chop. Okay. Hey!

Leave some here, and we'll get
what's-his-name... the dog from Frasier...

- Eddie. Great.
- Eddie to sell some on his show tonight. Tonight.

- Great. Thank you. Thank you.
- Call me up. Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

- Ladies! How many lovely ladies can there be?
- Hey!

Hey! Fresca. Mm!
How's my favorite foot model?

- Great.
- You look so beautiful. Let me see that foot.

- What are we selling?
- Mood toe rings.

Gimme the shoe. Take the shoe.
Take that. Oh, look at the...

Oh! Oh!
This makes me happy.

Look at the toes.
Like candies, like Red Hots.

So succulent. Excuse me. Hello.
Want to know your emotions?

Maybe some other time.
I know how I'm feeling today.

- Ooh!
- Wait a minute.

I don't know. Hang on.
Wait. Wait a second.

You can't jump to a conclusion like
that. Let me do this. Let me do this.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Your pulse is a little fast.
Let me guess.

You're feeling lost and like you could
use some help. Could I pitch in?

Oh, that's funny. I was going
to say the same thing about you.

- What, I look lost?
- No, that you need some help.

Well, like maybe
a little help with your name.