Holy Man

- Maybe I should get him to bark like a dog or something.
- Oh, G, no.

Get over there,
or I'll kill ya.

Okay. Nino,
put your arm back down now.

Put it back, back down.
The plane's taking off.
You're a little nervous, like you
always are when a plane takes off.

This time when it takes off,
it's smoother than it's ever taken off.

You didn't even feel the plane
leave the ground that time.

You're up in the sky,
and it's smooth sailing, Nino.

Wow! This feels great.
What's that up ahead?
Looks like a storm cloud.

It is a storm cloud. I can see
the pilot's trying to avoid it.

He can't.
It's too late.

Nino, we're in. We're right
in the middle of the storm cloud.

You start to feel turbulence.
The plane is shaking.
You start to feel it dip and sway.

Oh, so much turbulence.
How can this tiny metal object
stay up...

in this sky
of vast destruction, Nino?

You're getting scared. The stewardess
just passed out at your knees, Nino.

You felt the plane drop
a thousand feet in elevation.

You felt your stomach shoot up right into your neck.
The captain's voice
comes over the intercom.

"Attention. This is your captain
speaking. This is your captain speaking.

God help us!
We're gonna crash!

Oh, my God!"
You're right there, Nino.
The last moments of your life.
Right now, you're right there.
But you're not thinking
about dying.

You're thinking about your loved ones.
You're thinking about
your family and your friends...

and all the special moments
that you shared with those people.