Jenseits der Stille

It is thundering outside, Daddy.
It's so loud.
It goes BANG! BOOM! BAM!

It's like all hell's been let loose.
Yes, that must have been very loud.
I can just imagine it.
No, Daddy.
That wasn't loud.

Lightning is silent
like the moon.

It's just the thunder
that's noisy.

It's terribly loud.
Ahh, thunder?
What would we do
without you and your ears?

Daddy, you sound like a fish
blubbering through the water.

You're slurping.
The telephone is ringing.
Good morning.
Lara Bischoff speaking.

Hello, Grandma.
It's Grandma.
Her roses are wilting.

Mommy says your apartment is too warm.
You should put aspo...

aspirin into the water.
Are we coming for Christmas?
Sure, we are.
Grandma wants to talk to you.
I think he's already left.
I have to go to school.
Mommy, come here.
Okay, Grandma. Bye.