Kanzo sensei

Anyway, we'll do a blood work-up.
'Being a family doctor is all legs.'
'One leg broken,
he'll run on the other.'

'Both legs broken,
he'll run on his hands.'

'Exhausted, he runs.
Asleep, he runs.'

'Even averse to running,
he'll run his life away.'

Masuyo, what's up?
Only sardines.
Sardines. What a treat.
Doctor, it's horrible.
- It's my son.
- Is he sick?

- That bum has fallen in love.
- Loosen your top.

The daughter of Gen, the fisherman.
Name is Sonoko,
she's a whore.

No harm in that.
She's a looker, really built.
She's no genius.
But for Sankichi she's just right.

Please! I don't care for whores.
After all,
Sankichi is an accountant at City Hall.

So what's bothering you?
She's not our kind of people.
I don't see the difference.
I want that slut away from him!
Stick out your tongue.
Doctor, he'll listen to you.
Give him a talking-to. Please.
I heal sick people.
Promiscuity's not my line.

Go see the bonze.
Umemoto of the Raiko temple.

He's an experienced man.
That slut...