Kanzo sensei

Hey! No disinfectant in the well!
If someone in the army is sick,
that doesn't mean
we were the cause.

As we can't be sure,
we've requested a temporary closing.

But we fear
one of your employees has typhus.

Out of love for my country,
I slave to provide quality service.

If I close one day,
my eight employees will starve.

I know.
It's all up to you.
It's regulation;
they all must be examined.

How long will that take?
I'm a busy man.
It's not easy
being Chief Health Officer.

But it's all up to you...
Tomiko, you understand?
Right. Nothing. There's no virus.
You can't trust
that military doctor.

how many times have you
had relations with Sonoko?

Up to now, five or six times.
She says she wants to stop.
True it's expensive.
Cost me a good 10,000 yen.
How much do you earn
a month at City Hall?