Kanzo sensei

- I have a favor to ask you.
- Masuyo?

It's my son, Sankichi,
he's stuck on that whore.

So what?
No harm in selling yourself.

Look at her. Come here.
She's a genuine Shimotsui whore.
Is she your new wife?
- Yes, my third.
- I'm not the fourth?

Fermented cucumber?
If Sankichi breaks it off with Sonoko,
I'll bring you cucumbers.

Give him a sermon.
Talk him out of marrying Sonoko.

He'll listen to you.
If you bring me sake,
I'll do anything you ask.

I'll bring you cucumbers.
I beg you...
Blessed be the name of Buddha!

Hey! No disinfectant in the well!
If someone in the army is sick,
that doesn't mean
we were the cause.

As we can't be sure,
we've requested a temporary closing.

But we fear
one of your employees has typhus.

Out of love for my country,
I slave to provide quality service.

If I close one day,
my eight employees will starve.

I know.
It's all up to you.
It's regulation;
they all must be examined.

How long will that take?
I'm a busy man.